Author: (Norbert) Suedland, Aalen, Germany

The informations in this publication are passed on without regard for possible copyright. Trade names are used without guarantee of free usability. The product dealed with can no more be bought, but it is still ready for download in the internet for interested ones, for example:

The current tools C++ Builder and Delphi have got programming environments in several cultural languages, too. For the current programming environments there are also good priced group licenses for teachers and their disciples, or free tools for people with low income.

Since the translation of C into cultural languages is published about 25 years after Windows 95 of the company Microsoft and clarifies the transition from the DOS programming to the Windows programming, the author assumes, that this contribution does not touch the current market situations and therefore will not destroy them, too. An application of these translations to other compilers is possible and also permitted to be offered with costs.

The present elaboration is regarded as general available source, from which everyboby is permitted to inform himself without restrictions. This legal position lasts by the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (GG, article 5) and is also valid outside Germany, as long as at least one download possibility exists in Germany. The intention of this publication is scientific teaching without claim for the lastest results of the same. Therefore, the used sources are mentioned as possible. Only unsuitable sources are hidden, thus nobody is blamed.

For queries and suggestions the author likes to be at your disposal.

Aalen, in the year 2020 after Christ
Norbert Suedland
Otto-Schott-Strasse 16
73431 Aalen /Wuerttemberg

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